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Jenny evolved 3d visualization skills pre-college with fashion design, and with broad intellectual abilities and an engineering, science and artistic family background, she combined her talents to become an architect. She produces creative technical solutions for innovative solutions as well as clear spatial design. Jenny has been running IMAGO architects for 12 years and pioneered various apparently fixing free structural glass designs including a glass bridge and cantilevered stairs, the practice also specializes in high end and innovative eco refurbishments and extensions to London homes for private residential clients.

As well as the wisdom of sustainability, the practice enjoys the resonance of metaphor. For each project undertaken a concept of form is sought which fits the physical shape and metaphorical element of the work. ….for example a tree canopy for a garden building, seed for a history museum. These are reached after a thorough reductionist assessment of the brief and site requirements, and frees up the building form and detailing from the known, so construction elements are freshly appraised for their suitability and impact. A restrained modernism underlies this expressive approach.

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  1. Y Chan bid £125.00 on November 26, 2013 11:29 am

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