Christian Spencer-Davies, Tea

Christian Spencer-Davies, Tea

Christian Spencer-Davies, Tea

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Christian Spencer-Davies, Managing Director of AMODELS, comes from a background of product design. Following a career which includes, among others, 4 years with Terence Conran he eventually specialised in architectural model making. 

'I’m sure that I was expected to make a model but it just doesn’t work like that. In my regular work, creative as I may be, I am pretty dependent on an architects drawing in order to get going. I felt a drawing was really the way to go. Initially I was terrified of the proposition of making a drawing in such distinguished company especially as it isn’t something I have done for about thirty years. I got practicing mostly while on holiday to figure out what my hand could reasonably manage. I still felt I needed to give the drawing a twist to make it more unusual and hence the long continuous joined up pages of a sketch pad. While drawing away I kept trying to think of practical ways to add some 3D element and was inspired by the archetypal ‘Shoreditch’ people walking by. So now you can see it with the local characters carrying bicycle wheels, guitars, rucksacks and squatting having a fag.'

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